New Gasifier Design Questions

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New Gasifier Design Questions

Post by Hayweaver » Tue Apr 14, 2015 2:38 pm

I am planing to build a new gasifier boiler this summer. I have been looking through this site for quite a while and I believe I have the basics figured.

I was wondering if there would be any benefit, in terms of efficiency, to having he heat exchanger tubes down low in the water jacket along side the fire box (see the attached images)? The unit would end up being a bit wider (approximately 5') but would also be a bit shorter probably around 5' also.

I am also concerned with the design for the primary and secondary air inlets. I like Binfordw's design for the primary air tubes being removable ruining along each side of the fire box. I believe the main concern for the secondary air is to get the air super-heated prior to it entering the nozzle. I am planing on running a pipe or channel through the refractory bricks on the bottom of the burn chamber.

Any other comments / concerns would be appreciated. (hope the attachments work).
SIDE Gasification Boiler-13-Model.jpg
PLAN Gasification Boiler-13-Model.jpg
END Gasification Boiler-13-Model.jpg

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