Heat exchanger on cloths dryer

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Ky mustang
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Heat exchanger on cloths dryer

Post by Ky mustang » Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:42 pm

Has anyone here tried ducting a heat exchanger on their cloths dryer . I think the plumbing would be pretty simple just a normally closed valve that opens with power to the dryer and a water to air heat ex with air duct going to intake air on dryer. My dryer is supposed to run at 280 so it would just assist/prewarm intake air to 130 or so but it would have to take a sizable amount of kwh usage off the electric bill.

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Re: Heat exchanger on cloths dryer

Post by RSI » Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:19 pm

I got a gas dryer that I pulled the gas burner out of and attached a 12x12 2 row heat exchanger to. I just ran 1/2" pex to it and put a solenoid valve on it and connected it to the leads that powered the gas burner.

I redid the piping in the house to get better flow so I could use a smaller pump. Because the head pressure was lower it didn't get enough flow through the 1/2" pex anymore. I currently have it disconnected. Maybe I will get around to redoing it for next winter. I will probably try a 3 row 12x6 heat exchanger. I think that the air was just going through part of the 12x12 and not getting as hot but I could be wrong.

With the setup I had, it didn't work too bad but did take longer than the electric dryer. I was thinking about piping in outside air to feed it. That would be much less humid and should make it dry much faster.

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